Who are Solarplicity?

Solarplicity are an independent, British energy supplier, who have been helping provide customers with 100% renewable electricity since 2009.

Originally a solar energy provider, their focus has now evolved, with their name standing for the simplicity of their commitment to their customers – to provide 100% renewable, ethical, affordable energy for all.

How they do it: by building long-lasting relationships founded on excellent customer service, complete transparency and re-education about what a ‘solar’ energy provider can offer.

About Solarplicity Fair Market Price tariff

One simple, easy-to-understand tariff

We like to keep everything as simple as it can be, that’s why we have just one gas and electricity tariff

Fair Market Price

Our Fair Market Price is your guarantee to bringing you affordable, renewable energy GUARANTEED to be lower than the UK’s Big 6 energy suppliers*.

One straightforward, affordable, easy-to-understand tariff

The Solarplicity Fair Market Price is guaranteed to always be lower than the UK's Big 6 energy companies – plus, with Solarplicity, there’s no standing charge to pay either. So you’ll only ever pay for the energy you actually use.